Did You Eat Your Feelings this heartbreaking Valentines Day at Cold Rock?

Surprisingly, a study conducted by London-based data journalists analysing Facebook status’ has found that although most people associate Valentines Day with being in love, it’s actually one of the most popular times to break up.

So, what to do if you want to break someone’s heart, but don’t have the guts to do it face to face? Well, the team at Cold Rock might just have a solution with their new Eat Your Feelings range of ice cream cake!

If you’re not feeling the vibe and think that sending that ‘Dear John’ break up text message is a tad too harsh, Cold Rock’s new creations are designed to sweeten the blow literally, delivered in the form of sinfully delicious ice cream cake.

Starting at $40, Eat Your Feelings ice cream cakes come with a variety of explanations for breaking up from a brutal Donald Trump-worth ‘You’re dumped’ and ‘Love stinks – just like you’ through to the ubiquitous ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ and the ever-popular ‘Bye Felicia’.

And the beauty of the Eat Your Feelings range is that after the message has been received, the intended recipient can stick a spoon straight into the cake and, well…eat their feelings. And while it mightn’t completely make up for love gone wrong, there are surely worse ways to cope with a break up than indulging in a premium ice cream treat.

Known for its premium Mix In ice creams that are theatrically smashed together on a giant cold granite bench top, Cold Rock also allows you to get creative by adding different flavoured ice cream cake layers and incorporating premium Mix In’s into each cake. So what will it be? Strawberry ice cream with gummy bears or M&M’s and mini marshmallows to say, “It’s over”? Or double choc ice cream with cookie dough and raspberries? The choice is limitless.

But the Eat Your Feelings range is not just confined to break ups. Indeed an extensive, means there is a message for every occasion, with popular messages including:

“I love you as much as I love ice cream”;

“You’re my favourite human”;

“Sorry… but we were on a break!”;

“Suck eggs this Easter”;

“Happy Easter. How’s the diet going?”;

“To Mum, love your favourite child”;

“Congrats Mum… I’m perfect!”;

“Wow! You’re really old now”;

“Another year older? Uh-oh!”;

:Your heart’s as cold as this  cake:;

“Your haircut sucks”;

“Sorry for being a crap friend”; and

“A real sick day? Get better soon”.

Why be the bad guy when Cold Rock’s Eat Your Feelings range can do it for you?

Head to www.coldrock.com.au/cake-builder to see the full range of ice cream cakes available.