June 1st, 2016



Franchised Food Company is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Healthy Habits brand of sandwich, salad and juice bars, as the franchising company looks to provide consumers with a more holistic fast-food offering.

The Boards of the Dymocks Group, the owners of Healthy Habits, and Franchised Food Company (FFCO) have finalised an agreement that will see the Healthy Habits franchise business trading under the control of FFCO as of 1 July, 2016.

FFCO’s CEO Stan Gordon is ecstatic to announce the acquisition, which marks a new era for the franchising company that has, to date, developed a stellar reputation for specialising in the ‘fun treats market.’

“It is gratifying to be able to acquire Healthy Habits, which has been recognised throughout the fast- food industry as a leader in providing great tasting, healthy food; I firmly believe its introduction to the our stable will prove a valuable addition to all the FFCO brands,” Gordon said.

Since its inception in 1992 Healthy Habits has established a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand, securing 25 locations and catering to almost 40,000 customers each week. Under the successful stewardship of Managing Director Mark Buckland, over the past three years, the brand has undergone a period of rapid change to its products and its ecommerce capability which position it well for the future.

FFCO is looking forward to growing this presence further, as the company has done for other franchises under the FFCO umbrella, which incorporates some of Australia’s best loved brands including Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Mr Whippy, Trampoline, Pretzel World, Europa Coffee and Nutshack.

“I’ve always got my sights set on “things” for FFCO, and to date, by focusing on providing our customers with an array of tasty treats, we’ve been fortunate to grow an extremely loyal customer base.”

“We’ve seen dramatic changes in how Australians want to consume fast food. While there is always an appetite for an occasional treat, generally Australians are now much more health conscious. So we’re really excited to be able to cater to our customers on even more occasions with sandwiches, salads and fresh juices,” Stan said.

The move will ultimately benefit Healthy Habits franchisees. The immediate focus for FFCO is to ensure the transition to the new ownership occurs seamlessly and without disruption to customers and staff.   Key business systems such as POS and rewards will remain unchanged post-transaction, as will key supplier relationships, to ensure all franchisees will be able to continue without interruption to their businesses.

FFCO has a large and experienced National support team at its Melbourne-based Head Office.  The integration of Healthy Habits into FFCO’s business will expose Healthy Habits to greater scalability and resourcing, as it becomes part of a larger multi-brand food group.

For more information on becoming an FFCo franchisee, or any other general queries:

July 3rd, 2015

Franchised Food Company prepares for the Indian market


Franchised Food Company (FFCo) continues its jet-setting journey across the globe, getting ready to take its iconic Aussie brands to the Indian marketplace. After its popular Cold Rock Ice Creamery expanded into Asia late last year, launching stores in Ho Chi Minh City, the Melbourne based company has its sights set on wider continent expansion – with the potential for a Master Franchisee to take the reigns and operate the six FFCo brands locally.

Symbolising another huge win for the franchise group, the move comes after Franchised Food Company Founder and Managing Director, Stan Gordon was invited to be a Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker at the Master Franchise Show held at the Eros Hotel, New Dehli, between 13 – 14 June 2015.

Showcasing international franchise groups, trends and franchise development services across the retail, food and drink, financial and healthcare sectors, the premier business show offers potential business owners the chance to learn about renowned franchise groups and their opportunities for the local market.

Sharing his successes and knowledge of the industry as part of his address, Gordon suggests local interest in the parent company’s six iconic Aussie brands – Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Pretzel World, Nutshack, Mr Whippy, Trampoline Gelato and Europa Coffee drive-thru – was clearly evident, and expects a few of the brands will have a presence on the Indian food scene very soon.

Franchised Food Company Managing Director Stan Gordon says the move into another global market further emphasises the company’s strong growth and agility in the international arena.

“The international move for FFCo and its brands even more so positions us as a global player. We know the FFCo brands will create a whole new offering for us when adapted for the India consumer, which marks an exciting achievement and further development for us.

“We are particularly good at customising and adapting our products to local taste palates, while still retaining the intrinsic Aussie ‘fun treats’ brands; the concepts, the theatre, the accessibility for consumers and the overall treat experience. We’re looking forward to sharing our well-known and loved brands with our neighbours,” he added.

Gordon suggested Australia’s cultural diversity and superior cultural understanding cemented his thinking that the Australian brands should join their American competitors in the aspirational Indian marketplace.

June 17th, 2015


Iconic Aussie Ice Creamery, Cold Rock, has just announced its second series of Limited Edition Mix Ins for the year, a line-up of taste sensations summoned for their dangerously delicious flavours. It would be a crime not to try all three!

The second cab off the rank in the ice creamery’s year-long Mix Ins campaign launched in store on 1 June 2015 and will stand trial until 31 August 2015. The three new Mix In options include sweet, salty and sticky crowd favourites: Strawberry Jam, Cinnamon Donut and Caramel Popcorn.

For those with a sweet tooth, tantalise your tastebuds with the classically sweet Strawberry Jam Mix In, “donut” forget to indulge in some Cinnamon Donut, or treat yourself to the accused Caramel Popcorn Mix In, on trial for being “too sticky”.

In addition to the Limited Edition Mix Ins, Cold Rock has also released a set of “recommended Combos,” designed to help those eager to try the tasty range, by teaming together a set of complimentary ice cream flavours and Mix Ins, for the perfect ice cream treat.

Each highlighting at least one of the limited edition Mix Ins, first on the chopping block, for the month of June, is the “Jammin’ Donut”, a mix of Aussie Vanilla Ice Cream with Cinnamon Donut, Strawberry Jam and Cookie Dough Mix Ins.

This will be followed up by the elusive “Corny Caramel Crunch” in July, combining Caramel Ice Cream with Caramel Popcorn, Caramello Koala and Crunchie Mix Ins and then everyone’s favourite partners in crime, “OMG! PBJ”’ in August, teaming up Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter and Picnic Mix Ins. No matter what your alibi, be sure to rush in to Cold Rock and try them all, while you can!

Cold Rock CEO Stan Gordon says everyone loves ice cream, no matter what time of year, and Cold Rock’s June to August Limited Edition Mix Ins and Combo suggestions include flavours to excite and appeal to the whole family.

“We know our customers enjoy visiting Cold Rock to experience the theatrics of creating their own Cold Rock ice cream and Mix In Combos, so we’re constantly inspired to bring our fans the opportunity to enjoy new taste sensations… and what better way to do it!”

“Our Mix In campaign is certainly fun and out of the ordinary, giving us a completely unique selling proposition. We’re looking forward to hearing what Mix In Combos our customers love most, and of course, the Combos they create too!” Gordon said.

The June – August Mix Ins line-up will be available in Cold Rock stores nationwide until 31 August 2015. For further information please visit


June 10th, 2015

Cold Rock fan wins a new car!

Cold Rock Ice Creamery‘s recent “Rock, Pop & Go” campaign which ran over summer saw one lucky Frankston local win a brand new car. Who would have thought dreaming up a new ice cream and Mix In Combo at Cold Rock would land you some hot new wheels?!

Stan Gordon & Khia Wishart

The competition – giving away a Fiat worth $17,000 – couldn’t have come at a better time for winner Khia Wishart, who was getting around without a car after gifting hers to her grandmother.

On Friday 1st May,  whilst enjoying her dreamt up flavour Combo “Unfigetable Summer Delight”, Cold Rock CEO Stan Gordon handed over the keys to Khia: a new Mint green ice cream coloured Fiat.

The flavour was a hit with not only Khia, but also locals, who joined in the fun enjoying a complimentary taste of the one-off ice cream Combo.

Khia Wishart & Stan Gordon

The Frankston Standard and Mornington Peninsula News covered the event. Read the snippet from the MP News below.

MP News article

May 20th, 2015

FFCo CEO talks about easy ways you can boost your business


Franchised Food Company CEO Stan Gordon knows that you can never get too comfortable in business… whether you’re a start up or just need to give your established company a kick along. Stan spoke with Kochie’s Business Builders about his secrets to improving your everyday success.





“Building a successful business isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes planning, hard work and a good, reliable support network.

In the build-up phase of a business, it can be easy to forget the day-to-day stuff like what needs to happen once you’re happy with your business.

One thing I’ve learnt is that you must always be thinking ‘what’s next?’, so that even when you’ve reached a goal along the road, you are still constantly innovating to continue growing your business and customer base. You can never rest on your laurels!”


Here’s a few things the seasoned franchisor says you should always come back to….

  • Brainstorm with your team
  • Look at your data and results
  • Define your target audience
  • Keep on top of what your competitors are doing
  • Expand your horizons


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