The first Trampoline Gelato store opened in April 2004 on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, a diverse food and cafe precinct bordering Melbourne’s CBD. From there we grew, grew and grew being purchased by FFCo in 2013.


We specialise in premium gelato, using only the finest products with flavourings being imported from the word leaders in Italy. These combined with the very best and freshest Australian milk make Trampoline Gelato what it is.

Sourcing ingredients fresh from local Australian providers and preparing our gelato and sorbets on site daily, you’ll be able to taste the difference! Few, if any, gelato scoopers can lay claim to this fact.

Unlike most ice cream, which must have over 10% fat, Trampoline Gelato contains less fat and less air, leaving more room for all of the good stuff like fresh fruit and nuts (after all, who wants to be eating air?)

We pride ourselves on our delicious and unique flavours. Along with our free spirited Branding we aim to evoke memories of summer and backyards; happy times falling about laughing. Life’s simple pleasures make us happiest and Trampoline Gelato delivers these through real quality, served fresh with a grin.

So why not come and join the fun and become a franchisee today! Please see the links below for more info: