Lock and Load! Cold Rock launches the world’s heaviest thick shake.

How strong are you? Do you have what it takes to lift and drink Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s new Loaded Shake? Thick. Heavy. Delicious. The Loaded Shake is packed full of Cold Rock’s signature creamy ice cream and choc full of Mix Ins. So thick in fact, Cold Rock has had to order in special reinforced straws!

Cold Rock Ice Creamery boasts over 47 flavours of ice cream and 45 signature Mix Ins ranging from decadent cookie dough to Oreo Cookies to Crunchies that explode with flavour. Its new Loaded Shake range challenges thirsty Australians to create their own destiny, by choosing their favourite flavour of ice cream and loading it full of Mix In’s.

The real challenge comes when you attempt to suck it through the straw. Cold Rock will give you a head start, mixing in and smashing your ice cream for you on its specialty-frozen granite slab, essentially the “Cold Rock”. They will then create your Loaded Shake right before your eyes! It is a performance that would make Broadway proud.

Read more: https://www.coldrock.com.au/news-and-events/lock-load-introducing-worlds-heaviest-thick-shake/